August 15, 2019 NAV = $17.81 Last Trade: $17.25, 52 Week Range: $15.32 - $17.5
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Scott Reid
Scott is the President and founder of Stornoway Portfolio Management and has over 15 years of experience in the area of distressed securities. Prior to founding Stornoway, Scott co-founded National Bank Financial's High Yield Group where he focused on researching, trading, and investing in high yield and distressed securities and was a key member of the firm's restructuring practice. Scott's experience has provided him a deep understanding of the legal and financial issues involved in investing in distressed securities and the expertise to play a leadership role in a corporate turnaround in order to protect and increase the value of the Fund's investment. Scott currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Fund's largest investment.

As of March 6th, 2019, Scott - directly and indirectly - owned 157,627 units of the Ravensource Fund, representing 9.4% of the total units outstanding.