July 11, 2019 NAV = $17.70 Last Trade: $17.5, 52 Week Range: $15.32 - $17.5
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At the time of investment and throughout the period which we own a security, we do consider its risk and the impact that it has on the overall risk of the portfolio. However, despite our thorough analysis and good intentions, sometimes we are wrong in our investment decision or have not found the proverbial snake that lurks under the rock resulting in a fall in the market value of the investment and net asset value of the Fund.

In addition to the risks specific to a particular investment, the Fund is exposed to changes in foreign exchange rates, interest rates, credit conditions and other macro economic factors as described in the Annual Information Form and in the notes to our financial statements. Investors are encouraged to carefully read the Fund's financial statements, including the additional disclosure contained in the notes to the financial statements, just as we do prior to making an investment.

An investment in the Fund is suitable for those investors seeking long-term capital growth, have a long term investment horizon and possess a medium to high risk tolerance to withstand the ups and downs that go along with investing in out-of-favor securities.