August 15, 2019 NAV = $17.81 Last Trade: $17.25, 52 Week Range: $15.32 - $17.5
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Fund History
The Fund was established in 1997 under its original name, The First Asian Fund. In 2003, under new management led by Pat Hodgson, the fund's investment strategy was transitioned from its roots as an income fund specializing in debt securities of issuers in Australia, New Zealand and other Asian countries into a fund that specializes in North American corporate debt and equity securities. To reflect the change in the investment mandate, the name was changed to the Ravensource Fund in 2003.

From September 30, 2003 to July 1, 2008, Cinnamon Investments Limited was the Investment Manager of Ravensource Fund. Effective July 1, 2008, Stornoway Portfolio Management Inc. became the Investment Manager of Ravensource.