January 25, 2018 NAV = $14.99 Last Trade: $14.01, 52 Week Range: $13.11 - $14.75
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The Investment Manager

Founded in 2004, Stornoway Portfolio Management Inc. ("Stornoway") is an asset management firm located in Toronto, Canada. Stornoway manages the Stornoway Recovery Fund LP and the TSX listed Ravensource Fund (TSX: RAV.UN). Stornoway's investment team, comprised of Scott Reid, Daniel Metrikin and Brandon Moyse are specialists in creating and protecting value in the securities of financially troubled companies.

Stornoway conducts extensive fundamental analysis and due diligence prior to and during the time of investment. The Stornoway team will use their unique experience and expertise to play an active role in a corporate restructuring or other value-enhancing initiatives in order to protect the Fund's investments and generate returns.

Stornoway was appointed as Investment Manager of the Ravensource Fund effective July 1, 2008.