November 9, 2017 NAV = $14.43 Last Trade: $13.76, 52 Week Range: $13.11 - $14.75
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Historical Performance
As of November 9, 2017
YTD1 Year3 YearsSince
Jul-08 (2)
Ravensource Fund - RAV.UN (1)1.86%1.84%5.27%8.52%
S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index7.68%13.44%6.47%4.18%
S&P/TSX Small Cap Total Return Index0.27%8.12%6.27%2.33%
S&P 500 Total Return Index17.40%26.32%10.66%10.15%
Russel 2000 Total Return Index9.85%29.24%9.50%9.98%
Credit Suisse Distressed Hedge Fund Index6.08%8.64%2.12%4.14%
ML High Yield Master II Index6.59%9.05%5.37%8.49%

(1) Based on net asset value per Unit, assuming all distributions are reinvested
in Units at net asset value. Returns are net of all fees and expenses.

(2) Stornoway Portfolio Management was appointed as Manager of the Ravensource
Fund effective July 1, 2008.

(3) Returns are annualized, except YTD returns